Sunday, October 08, 2006

Yesterday progressively got better...
Sunday school statement of the day: God is faithful.

After a week of struggles and inconsistency and adjustment and questions I feel more at peace today. Much more at peace... I have decided after much prayer, conversation, and encouragement from my husband and Cory (have I mentioned there is a Bryan in there too... yup, three guys and a girl = whoo-hoo!) I have come to a better understand of my inital place here in Midelt.

For the next four weeks I am committing myself to the following:
1. Three one hour long walks each day, at the least... continuing to expose myself (in the proper sense) has been important to me since first coming here and now a commitment of action.

2. Next: three hours of language study a day. Whether it be from a book, Cory, neighbors, etc. I will study and hopefully learn and catch on... it's only a matter of time!

3. Finally, I will continue to treat others as Christ would. I will smile, greet everyone the same, laugh, and live my life here with single-minded obedience. I will follow Christ and diligently work to create around my "self" an atmosphere of grace, love, peace, and laughter. This is my commitment...

Following my four week commitment? I am not yet sure... we'll see!

I will be faithful.
- Jess


Anonymous said...

Dear Jess,
Once again you humble me.Your spirit brightens the pages of your blog spot. Of course we'll keep you in our prayers for catching on to the language and whatever asap.The people there have no idea what their missing in you,yet!Give Jake a hug for us.Glad your both feeling better.Your walking plan has inspired me,I'm copying:)Meg

dana said...

dear Jake and Jess,
greetings from the coolest sophomore ever! 14 purdue students drove to washington d.c. over fall break and lobbied for northern uganda. the symposium was amazing, i wish you could have been there! i got to talk with one of the abducted children who now lives in fort wayne (random, yes) and we're going to pen pals. there were three of us of the 30 from indiana who officially spoke with senator lugar's staff, and yes, you're kick-ass freshman now sophomore was one of them. and just as we were about to leave, we were walking down the street from the senate and who would we literally run into but jason from invisible children? i was the only one who recognized him and was blown away. we had a real conversation, a handshake, a get the idea.

so basically, the whole time i was thinking to myself, "i wish jake had a phone because i would call him and tell him all of the good news." the only thing that kept running through my mind was that i was kicking political ass for you lol.

i don't think i ever told you...but thanks. thank you for planting seeds. thanks for showing the documentary at campus house. thanks for wanting to make GNC happen last spring. my life and what i'm doing with it, would be quite different if you hadn't passed through.

and finally, there is something else extremely promising. one of the guys who attended the symposium is incredibly passionate about getting more invovlement on campus. i am blown away by his passion and ideas. i can't wait to work with him. it's pretty darn cool how GOD fills a need. right when you're gone, bang! here this new guy comes.

you want to know the best part about that?? he's a freshman. =c)

love you both,