Thursday, October 19, 2006

New photos for you.

Jessica in a traditional Moroccan wedding/exotic dancer outfit.

Hyatt, Jessica (in her new djelaba) and Zahor in their daily language study at Hyatt's carpet shoppe.

Breaking of the fast at sunset in the Sahara.

Another view of Midelt.

A traditional "lftor" or sunset fast breaking meal. Mmmmm.... dates....

Later today be sure to check this blog for a possible butt-shaking contest video starring Jessica and Cory.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I am just flabbergasted by the world you are seeing. I had to look up so many more things than just what a "djellaba" was while I was getting caught up on the blog. "Where the heck is Midelt" was on the top of my list. :) My prayers and wonderment are with you guys!!!

MD said...

Jake and Jessica... I hope you do not mind me linking to your blog site. You have some wonderful insights that give me more clue into Cory's life there in Morocco. I admit to admiring the adventuresome spirit of both of you... and Jessica your honesty in expressing your emotions...
God's blessings to all of you.
Be well.
another Mom (Cory's Mom)

MD said...

oh... I definitely want to see the video...
when you are ever in the states, please come by. Jake, you know where I live.
My love to you both.