Saturday, October 21, 2006

From Jake:
Since the pictues seem to be so popular, you may see a few more...

We had our first rain since arriving here. It came in on a rather amazing storm font that also brought us this rainbow. Ever seen a rainbow over the Sahara? Well, now you have and so have we. Great - check.

I am sure that jessica will do a write up of her adventure the other night, but this was part of the result. Shortly before 1am, Jessica still with her crazy Moroccan wedding makeup on back from a crazy night out with the girls, showing off her new henna, and making me feel a little better through my cold. Wow - check.

Me. Yeah, me, sitting in a giant, silver, shiny chair with a hat made for little kids. Yeah - check.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful rainbow. Ya, beautiful rainbow.