Monday, October 23, 2006

From Jess:
Journal entry: October 21, 2006

“Father, Thank you for yesterday, the night before, and the day to come… Thank you for your abounding grace, truth, and love as it has been demonstrated through Hyatt… Two nights ago was the celebration of the day the Quran was given to the Islamic people… As a gift, Hyatt took me out to get dressed up and have a traditional “celebration” photo taken… afterward, she gifted me with Henna for both of my hands… I wish I could thank her in the way in which it was appropriate… in addition to this and the djebla, she gifted us with a dish of six hour cooked cous-cous as well as shabekeya … How can I thank her… I feel so unworthy, yet so grateful… She is a demonstration of your love to me… Thank you.

“I pray that I never forget that my mouth should continually be filled with praise for you and as witness of and for your glory… You did not forsake me when my strength was failing and others we’re speaking against me… You were never far from me… You continued to comfort me despite my discomfort… You continue to revive me… I hope to continue to sing your song… You have brought us here with only your grace and mercy… I can only hope that we do not loose heart… For you commanded us to be a light to the world and we will do so… I pray and hope that my diligence is worthy of being approved by You. I pray that I continue to pursue and demonstrate a mind and heart for what represents peace, love, and faith. You have shared that your servants shall not quarrel but be gentle to all, able to teach, be patient, and in humility love those who are in opposition… cover me Father… cover me.”


Anonymous said...

I love you

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful inside and out Jessica. I'm glad God blessed me with your forever friendship!



dana slater said...

fantastic. i love reading about your lives. enjoy the journey, praying for you both. p.s. love the henna, jess.