Monday, October 09, 2006

After twoish hours of Arabic study and a nice hot glass of chocolate/coffee heaven I decided to go out for a long walk around the city - presence. Not three minutes in, a boy all the age of maybe 8/9 began calling me "Madam." At first I ignored them, I am not French and I knew in my heart what would come if I replied. After a block or so of pursuit I turned around and greeted them kindly with a smile. After all, they were cute monsters.

As they continued to pursue and follow me with begging, and I'm sure not so kind words (but how am I to know) I pulled out all the Arabic I have, greeting them, placing blessing of God upon them, etc. Still they pursued and laughed. I should mention here that there was a leader who did the pursuing and his followers who did the laughing.

After another block or so I began speaking to them in English telling them they were beautiful children, that I was impressed with their tenacity, that I appreciated their desire to pay attention to me, but most of all that they are beautiful children of God. In response to my English the ring-leader began to speak jibberish back and began laughing harder... I continued to smile...

After appox. 10 mins. I think they came to the conclusion that I was a lost cause and turned around... Today I need to learn how to say in Arabic, "You are a beautiful child."


Anonymous said...

You, my dear, are a beautiful child and I wish I could say it in the arabic. (Make sure that phrase means what you want it to when translated!) With love, MOM

Anonymous said...

My Jessi,
What a privilege it is to read your thoughts. Thank you for sharing them. I agree wholeheartedly with your mother that you are a beautiful child and am also challenged with the idea of speaking those words to kids in my neighborhood. Thank you. Hopefully I'll be sending you pix of Eli soon...I'm anxiously awaiting his exit from my body!!
I love you and I'm proud of the woman you are. ~Beth