Saturday, December 16, 2006

Return path

Just a quick story. We have been gone the past few days, and here is why.

Well, imagine that, Jess and I decided to make a return trip to our favorite little mountain town. This time the trip out was a lot more muddy and snowy.
There were a number of times that the mud was so deep we had to back up and circumvent a large area just to avoid getting too muddy. As it was we still showed up with soaked feet caked in about three inches of soggy earth.

But the views were stunning, and the trip was totally worth it.

Jess and I next to a great little water fall that was forming just from the melting snow on the hill side.

The main reason we went out to our little mountain town was to visit our favorite nun, Mary. We wanted to return, with some gifts this time, just as a little love offering to the sisters who do so much. Unfortunately Mary had not made it back yet and was still in another city. Fortunately our friend Hamu and his family (some of them are pictured here) took us in and gave us food, shelter and love for the night.

The next day we headed back, and though it was less muddy, a small winter storm blew in, so for the 10 mile walk back, visibility was anywhere from 70 yards to about 5 yards. Yikes...

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Indian Lake Papa said...

Your feet seem to be going many places. Your "dusty feet and dirty toes" are getting a great work out. I was thinking today of Joseph & Mary as they traveled to Bethlehem, the journey must have been tiresome, but they had Jesus with them - as do you two as you travel.

Merry Christmas!
Indian Lake Papa