Friday, December 01, 2006

Again... Why are we trying to do what we do?

Dhaka photo journal.

As long as there are 300,000 street children in one city that could be helped by simple education, development, and job skills training, how can we do any different?

AIDS, Education, Homelessness, Poverty, Job Skills, Love, Support, Stolen Childhoods, Slavery, Prostitution, Release, Recovery, Death, Relief, Disease, Life... Words that should be on our lips as a prayer to one another.

These are our brothers and sisters. Just as close as the people next door that we wave to in passing. Help us see our neighbors.


Indian Lake Papa said...

Don't ever loose that vision! God has blessed you both, He will guide you!

Indian Lake Papa

dan harms said...

Hey o. it's dan harms. i thoroughly enjoyed the stories! happy birthday jake. kyle heimann and i are going to pick up popple full time in a week when i graduate. we just got back from playing in vegas... which was a really odd experiene. It's oddly nice to see the photos of morocco after being in such a place of synthetic beauty and excess. i wish you all well. abundant blessings and prayers. may God's love be with you.