Thursday, December 21, 2006


Alright, just so you all know what is going on and don't expect to hear too much from us in the next two weeks, this is what is happening.

Jess and I are leaving Morocco. Our flight is on the 26th of this month from a city to the north of here, over the mountains. Because of the possibility of snow on the mountain keeping us from our flight, we are going to be assessing the weather in the days to come and leaving anywhere between the 23rd and 25th.

From there we are going to Paris where we have 2 days to see the sights and visit with some friends who will also just happen to be there those days.

Then, on the 28th, we will fly out of Paris and on to India where we will land in Delhi. We will stay and work in and around Delhi for 2 months, then move to the south for a further 2 months, and then fly on to Thailand.

Morocco to Paris to India to Thailand. Try to keep up...


Indian Lake Papa said...

We will try to keep up - however, you two are covering a lot miles still before the year is over! God bless and protect you as you travel your many miles.

Indian Lake Papa

brian and beth stipp said...

um, we have a busy week of travel and Christmas stuff ahead of us, but i find myself hooked to your words when i should be sleeping - yearning for inspiration or glimpses of fleshed out dreams. God I want to leave this country like you guys sometimes.

I was most impressed by the website of the doctor you're going to spend time with.

Reading this stuff reminds me what our money should be saved for. Ambitions to lose my life and find it seem so abstract in this world we find ourselves in. Then we read your blog. Thank you for your obedience. Merry Christmas.

brian (and beth who's wrapping gifts or packing like I should be right now).

Anonymous said...

Yeah... less buying and more giving.