Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Although the "Holiday Season" has begun to manifest itself through most every human possible means (this is of coarse a guess, I am living in an Arabic community!)... I was just thinking about alternative possibilities to giving to others, outside of any material gift (again - I do have to admit, we did send our families gifts this year)... here are a few ideas I thought you may be interested in-

Sewa-Ashram is a Christ-centered community dedicated to the practical application of spirituality to the reality of suffering, present amongst the poor. Our mission is to provide long-term holistic care and professional treatment for the sick and dying destitute of Delhi's streets.

International Justice Mission defends the poor, the widow, the orphan, and the slave. Sponsor a day’s wages for an investigative worker ($50), legal advocate ($70), or social worker ($40). You can find these, and many other ways to give under the GIVE index, found in the top right corner.

World Hope International relieves suffering around the world. Offer a care package to a woman who has survived sexual trafficking ($60) or provide a microcredit loan ($100).

Mennonite Central Committee offers a Christmas Giving Catalog. $26 can provide kitchen supplies to a displaced family in Cambodia.

Samaritan’s Purse - Just $9 can feed a hungry baby for a week.

United Methodist Committee on Relief - Serve a child in South Sudan a meal every school day for six months for just $37.

World Vision offers a number of opportunites to give through their Christmas catalog

Catholic Relief Services - $13 can immunize a child in the developing world against measles, diphtheria, whooping cough, polio, tetanus, AND tuberculosis.

Alterna works with and advocates for immigrants in situations that are often egregiously unjust. Immigrants are not allowed to acquire driver’s licenses, yet they are allowed to purchase cars and get jobs they need to drive to. One working poor immigrant has paid over $2,000 in fines for simply driving without a license. Help Alterna turn what is exploitation of the poor into an act of civil disobedience and solidarity! Donate $1-$150 to help immigrants "Drive in Peace." To order this or other gifts, email or phone (706-302-9661) Alterna.

Hope each of you are enjoying this beautiful Advent Season...


mindy said...

I miss you guys. Thanks for a post that reminds me to think outside the box of giving just to give and goes into giving with meaning. Things are CRAZY here and it seems my time is stuck in fast forward. I need to take a minute, breathe and blog some myself. It's been awhile since I last did that just because it's good to. Kisses, and many blessings.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Somewhere I missed it, but just where are you now? How long do you plan to stay where you are at? Are there any plans for the "holidays"? Your blog is very informative and challenging.

God Bless!

Indian Lake Papa

Jeff in Dunlap said...

Thank you for sharing your adventure. My "adventure" is progressing, albeit slower than I would prefer. I wish you both a wonderful Christmas. Today is beautiful, alternating between sunshine and fluffy lake effect snow squalls. There are several inches on the ground. Jessica, several days ago in your story about Mary you mentioned the difficulty in reconciling the truth in our hearts vs. our human desires. I know in my heart where Anne and Chris are but that doesn't stop me from wanting them here with me for Christmas (heck with Christmas...always.) May God bless you and keep you safe! Jeff

Anonymous said...
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mai said...

that is a WONDERFUL idea. christmas is about giving and loving in the name of jesus! yeah!

miss you guys..