Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving party...

Well, it was a success. While the chocolate chip cookies we made for a holiday a few weeks ago were a complete failure (Moroccan tastes are different, so they just plain hated the cookies), last night was a blazing success. The carrot cake and apple spice cake went over like Tums at a chili-eating contest, and the banana bread seemed very well recieved as well. The pumpkin pie was a bit of a stretch for some, and one person actually threw hers away (pictured below: guess which one...), but most people got to like it after a little bit.

Some of our students...

One of the workers from the center and some more of our students.

Hyat and some of the female students. I am on the far left making fun of the Moroccans for how much sugar they are putting in everything. Yes, that is a huge spoonfull of sugar I am about to eat.

One of our best English speaking students at the Center and a ridiculous stuffed rabbit that somehow made it into our home and never left.

Jess and Hyat, together, of course.

The apple cider went over pretty poorly, but it was still consumed. People just added a lot of sugar to it and the tea (look at the bottom of his glass... that is all sugar).

Overall it was a grand success if you ask Jess or I. Truthfully, this first Thanksgiving overseas could not have been any better. It was a great night.

Jake and Jess


Brian Stipp said...

Jake and Jessica,
Beth and the kids are visiting her parents while I'm at home doing stuff today. I just read your e-mail Jessica, and am compelled to commend you both. I'm impressed by your sincere thankfulness and recognition that you are fruits of the love and care and mistakes of all of us back home. Your gratitude seems a good indicator that Christ is guiding your paths and not idealism or any other of the myriad gods that covet our allegiance. I'm thankful for y'all.

Anonymous said...

"like tums at a chili-eating contest"....i like that, jake. well said, my good man! sometimes nothing more needs to be said, ya know? on a completely different note, it does my heart well to hear that your thanksgiving was just that. you two make me smile so much! - mariko

Anonymous said...

I'm grinning about how fantastic your thanksgiving sounds. After hearing many good things about your adventures from a certain housemate of mine, I thought I would start reading your blog myself. I would love to eat of the random and assorted pumpkin goodies and enjoy time with you all in morracco... Keep the stories coming! - julie

Lauren said...

The number of satisfied eatters at Jake and Jesses table continues to rise(Jess, I found out Jake liked having me around initially because I would compliment his cooking.. that's all). I'm glad you two are able to continue to share your love, food and joy with those around you. I am thankful I get to see you two in less than a month!

MuchLove - L
(Jake, a sassy thank you for sharing the blog writing, I love hearing both of your views of this adventure)