Monday, November 27, 2006

As it comes...

From us: a combined update.

Friday, the English class that Jess teaches as the Association, got to enjoy the fruits of our Thanksgiving labor. All the left overs went with Jess to be enjoyed by a new group of students. And enjoyed it was... there was not a bite left of anything.

Most of the students are here in this picture. 3 or 4 are missing, but we want to save photo space for what is about to come...

Day 1

Yeah, that was Friday. Saturday morning we got up, made a nice big breakfast and hit the road. Our goal: to visit our friends in Tattowin.

Most of the other places we have mentoined visiting have been hundreds of kilometers away and we take a combination of public busses and taxis to get there. This town is a different matter. It is only 16 km (10 mi) away, but it is a walk through the Sahara to get there.

Now there are taxis to get you part way there, but not the whole way. And we decided that we just wanted to walk, so walk we did. The first half of the road travels through some very small towns, farm fields, the road is partially paved and populated. The second half of the road looks like this picture to the left. (Side note: it was rather hot and clear this day. My long-sleeved tshirt was almost too much at this point. It was an amazing day.)

This is still the road, but this is where it crosses the river. As you can see, most cars and taxis would not even try to come across. Several people have trucks and take them across, but they are anything but regular, and they are often full of sheep, goods, or people, or any combination of the three.

So, we walked through the heat, but changes in the world were afoot. And just to keep you interested, this story is to be continued...


Anonymous said...

i like fact, i love it! you two are friggin' rockstars! how long did it take you to walk? and what would you say your pace was comparable to? i know jess walks crazy fast...good times, though, good times! - mariko

Anonymous said...

You are daily in our prayers. What an amazing life you lead....thank you for sharing your journey with all of us who love you.
Debbie and Jerry