Thursday, November 16, 2006

From us: More of Rabat
Speaking of profiles...

A couple of profiles for you... the first one is of my chin and awesome beard. Jessica just said to title this one "my handsome husband". You heard it here first, folks.

Jessica refuses to give this picture a title. The juxtaposition of the two marble heads was designed to show off the differences in the facial features of the roman ruler and the "berber" ruler. The biggest differences tend to be in the cheekbones, chin, forehead, and nose. I will leave the title of the picture up to your imagination.

On the back side of this marble slab was a lot of ancient latin text. It had been a public tablet, but it was plundered and reused by the Moroccans after the influx of Islam. The front is covered in Arabic text. The idea was that if a woman could reach through the hole and touch the shell up where Jessica's fingers are, then she was a good woman for marriage. (Note: Jessica could reach past the shell.) Basically it was discrimination against people who couldn't get their arm through the hole.

The 44m but should have been 60m minarete connected to a mosque near the tomb of Mohammed V. The pillars used to support a massive, ornate roof, but that was all destroyed in the "great quake" of 1960 something or other. Sorry, I forget the date.

Jessica in our hot-pink hotel room. $9 dollars a night anyone?

Hooves? Yeah, but only front hooves. The back ones are shamefull to eat. The front ones are a delicacy. Mmmmmm... foot.
(Side note: where I am sitting to take this picture is the best pizza in Morocco. I kid you not.)


Anonymous said...

Great pictures and commentaries keep them coming.


Anonymous said...

wow it's my place Rabat it's once of very beautiful places in Morocco .
you shoud come back to see more places in rabat there are some places tat you dunt visit & they very important .
have fun & h&ve a nice times.
your Friend frome the Center in Midelt Adil