Wednesday, November 15, 2006

From Jake:
A Late-Day Supplement:

  1. Jessica and I were recently given a phone by an amazing individual here. That means that we have a phone number all our own. If you would like it, please email us.

  2. I just saw someone wearing the most awesome t-shirt I have ever seen in Morocco. It was a black shirt with a huge bald-eagle soaring from left to right near the top. Underneath it was a bright and shiny 18-wheeler doing at least 120mph leaving a trail of flaming letter stating that, this truck was, in fact, "ROLLING THUNDER". Wow. Say it again, wow.

  3. Backstreet Boys is on the radio in the Internet Cafe. I gotta go. Wow.

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jennnnnn and tom said...

holy cow, that's awesome...that shirt over there might cause quite the stir, but over here, it's on the 5-dollar rack at Flying J next to the KING SIZE Butterfingers and KitKats. Hilarious! Who was wearing it?