Wednesday, November 15, 2006

From Jake:
Some pictures that almost speak for themselves...

Jess is now eating oranges. To some of you that matters not. To some of you that is big news.

I will let this photo speak for itself completely.

Nick R., if you are reading, this is mostly for you.

While we were stuck in Rabat for 4-ish days awaiting our visa to go to India, we had plenty of time to see all the local sites. This is an ancient Roman Empire mini-city full of temples to different gods. The Roman "chellah" was later walled in by one of the Moroccan kings, and then part of it was leveled and had a mosque built over it. Roman ruines, forground; Mosque has the tower and newer construction.

Not too much Roman remains, a few structures, lots of column fragments, an octagonal pool, a few artisan workshops.

A view of the inside of the Mosque. Pretty incredible architecture.


Anonymous said...

So Jessica,

What brought on the new appreciation of oranges?


jennnnnn and tom said...

Tom's gonna love the ass karate sign! I can't wait to show him this! We saw a commercial Wednesday night that advertised a new board game. It was a 15-second quick spot, had a family around the table, playing, with all the in and out camera wildn'crazy angular shooting, and the name of the game?

Fact or CRAP.

The best part was a 10 year old kid responding to a question by going, "THAT'S CRAP!" LOL!