Tuesday, May 18, 2010

DeBoni Family + Graduation Gown = Weekend Celebration

- Jake & Nathaniel man nurse style -
- I cherish this picture of Marea, Jake & Grandma-
-Nathaniel, Marea, Jake & I-
-the little one was full of active excitement during the graduation ceremony-
-Jake & Jason-
-it was wonderful to spend the weekend with Grandma and catch sweet moments like these-

-Jake + Parents-
-From prerequisite buddies to grad friends + 2 amazing spouses-
-Larry, Jason, Grandma and Beth waiting for the ceremony to begin-
-"bros first" as Jake would say. Nathaniel, Chris, Jake and Peter-
-Jake and his handmade cedar nursing pin-
-DeBoni family on a Sunday morning walk-


Rachel said...

Yay! Great work, Jake! My favorite picture has to be the one with the pin because it looks like Jake has a plastic mohawk. Well done!

Jake and Jess said...

Rach - That is too funny! I didn't even see that and yes, I do agree with you!

amy said...

yay!! Congratulations! So happy they didn't make him wear one of those cardboard nurses hats like when my mom graduated. that would have been silly. Love the the pin!
Hugs to all three of you!

cory said...

this is SO wonderful! thanks for posting pictures!

Congratulations Jake!

Lauren said...

Congrats Jake!! I am excited for you both!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Congrats to you all1 please pray for us. Mama has cancer surgery tomorrow - the prognosis is good.

Love you - all 3!

Papa & mama too!