Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friends, Family & Vans

Over the last month or so we have been traveling to and fro to spend time with friends and family, keeping on the road with work related adventures and continuing to prepare and celebrate the up-coming arrival of our little one.

Here are some snap-shots of our time with my parents a month or so ago celebrating my mom's birthday/retirement/mother's day, Jake's graduation and father's day.

Our time home was a welcoming one with many trips down the river, visits to the celery nursery, walks in the woods and enjoying life's celebrations and seasonal transitions.

Our first stop was to visit with my cousin Chad whom we haven't seen since our wedding day when he so graciously documented our beautiful day. It was wonderful to spend time with him and catch up on the last four years of our lives.

After surprising my mom at school on her birthday we headed home to begin to preparing dinner with Dad. Highlighted gifts: Biking helmet (Because doesn't everyone look hotter in a helmet?) & vegetable steamer.

The following afternoon Jake & I were able to spend time with Rene & the little ones playing in the backyard, eating goldfish (the crackers, not the fish), and simply enjoying each others company.

I love the little hands poking up into this picture.

During our weekend away we were also fortunate to have a morning to spend with the coffee guys at Crankers. Such a beautiful time to catch up with old friends.

On an unrelated note: We also bought a van. Yes, a van. With plans unfolding for a Michigan tour up north and a moving adventure out West (following the Oregon Trail perhaps?) we decided that it would be in our best interest to invest in a van, convert it into a home/storage space/way of transportation as we pray and try to figure our where to next. Here are a couple shots of our, what Jake has begun to call, hot dog.

Oh... the beautiful Red Hot Dog (although I think most of us know that if it were a true hot dog the color would be yellow w/ white specks for mustard & onions).

The "backyard" - as seen above.

In total: Jake has stripped out the shelves (both good & bad); removed, dried and cleaned the flooring; added new Master Lock hasps and locks; rewired the entire front dash complex (crappy wiring); cleaned and reattached the air filter system and mass airflow sensor; bought, cleaned and painted a spare tire; changed the lights (everywhere); bought a new battery; cleaned, fixed and redid the air filter box complex; fixed the coolant system; done a deep cleaning in both the inside and outside; is anticipating replacing the water pump in the coming weeks; begun to build/plan for making an elevated bed in the back and best of all -

Jake & his brother were able to find this beauty of a middle seat in the junkyard - a perfect match - so we can travel across the lands with the little one between us.

I think he may be nesting.

More pictures from baby showers coming soon.


e_hendel said...

Your new van is so exciting. Though I'm so sad that you will be leaving Chicago, I'm so excited for your adventure. It's going to be wonderful!

Rachel said...

I am so jazzed for you guys.

(Though I realize that we will be even FARTHER apart!)


Krista said...

Hello there: I first started following your blog when you were writing about your time in Morocco - I was contemplating a move there and was reading everything I could find about the country (I do live in Morocco now). But I kept reading your blog simply because I enjoy the day-to-day observations and stories you share, and just the general open-heartedness you express towards life and your loved ones!
As you contemplate a move in your Hot Dog (which looks great), I just wanted to share a link to another blog I started to follow at the same time I found yours: Vagabond Journey ( Wade is a self-proclaimed "perpetual traveler", and in the last year, has become a married man and father, who has taken his small family on the road. He writes about their travel adventures, but also about the pros and cons of extended travel with a newborn baby. It's great reading, and might provide you with more food for thought about what the future will hold for your family . . . Good luck in your travel/future planning!

Jake and Jess said...

Krista, you should leave us a way to contact you. We would love to hear about your experiences in Morocco.