Friday, May 14, 2010


A couple of photos from recent weeks:

Two weekends ago we had a wonderful visit from our good friends Cory (who just received some MAJOR awards!) and Sarah (who is MAJORLY awesome!).
Putting the boys to work in preparation for a work-related field-trip.
That very same weekend we were able to escape into the woods of Wisconsin (stop the snickering) with some good friends.

The following weekend we were gifted with being able to host our wonderful friend (yes, it's evident that we have a lot of wonderful & good good friends), Rach.
As part of our weekend we delighted in being able to celebrate the union between Amy & Chris. Such a beautiful wedding and simple celebration of love.

(L-R: me, Rebecca {who just agreed to be our birth advocate/friend at the time of delivery}, Amy, Rachel & Jessi {who is due with her first child mid-June!})
I am a little obsessed with this little one and yes, we dance together often.

Time together before the wedding.

The following afternoon Jason joined us for a day downtown. It was such a gift to welcome him into our day of rest to simply be with. Thanks Jason for joining us - we loved having you!


Rachel said...

You three are so much fun! I love you! Thanks!

PrincessMax said...

I love living a life that results in being included in your updates.

Will you send me copies of those gorgeous pictures of our friendship?