Monday, November 05, 2007

something new.

it's a bit campy - but it works for the "right now."

working with a daily (read: semi-daily) inventory. i know asheley, i know.

it's a messy process. so messy in fact that it's not even addressed until Step 10 in the 12 Steps of Recovery.

still, i know i need to do this. i need, at this time in the "right now," to take time and give myself and my beloved an assessment of where i am. so i've started here.

for the next "while" - whatever while
really means i'm going to answer the following questions, with trust in God and a hope of honesty placed within this "self" that through this daily inventory i may be lead to understand a little bit more where this "self" is going through all this messiness.

  • what is frustrating me now?
  • what am i angry about?
  • what am i scared of?
  • what am i dreading?
  • what am i anxious about?
  • what concerns me?
  • what is the smallest thing that i feel dumb about even writing down but it is actually stressing me out?
  • what am i looking forward to?
    • today?
    • tomorrow?
    • this year?
so we'll see what happens.

only God knows - maybe. this whole free will thing just may be getting in the way of His ability to know my future.



Robin said...

Good questions...Praying for you Jessica, my friend!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Thanks Jessica - I too need to do introspection. Many issues to deal with right now.

Last night was a start! I went to a travelogue on "Travel across western Canada". How awesome! The narrator stated we can "put out our hand and touch the face of God". I have, and did just now again, lift my hand, and wept, I just touched the face of God!! He is that close you know.

Indian Lake Papa