Wednesday, November 07, 2007

hide & go seek.
it's been ages.

yet, tonight, that's what i play. it's who i am.

after sunday's melting, jake and i decided that i need a night. one night each week that i have no one over & rest. rest my mind. rest my hands. rest my ears.

although this task may seem quite easy to some, in this household, for these walls - hiding is not an easy task. jake and i have both heard statements leak form the mouths of babes & adults alike, "i saw your shades were up, so i knew you were home" to "jessica! the lights are on in your house, i know you're home." - i was, just on the toilet when they came a knockin'.

so tonight i play. hide. it's their turn to seek.

i came home to a dark house with my husband waiting inside. after a much desired kiss he took me into he kitchen where dinner was in mid-preparation and the water was hot - ready for tea/hot cocoa. at that time a flashlight was placed in my hand and his familiar voice asked me to "have a good night." that statement has never fallen on my ears with such weight. such release.

the kids came a knockin' - so i crawled around our apartment, with hopes that they wouldn't hear the floor boards creek or see my shadow dance on the walls from the neighbors flood lights (ah - light pollution, how i hate you!). I listened to the variety of songs our plug-in door chime has & dashed around our apartment, ensuring no sounds were made to clue them off as to my existence, my trick, my hide, their seek.

they left, seven rug-burn minutes later.

tonight i'm taking a night off. maybe a night for a movie. maybe a night for...

regardless, this typing in the dark is making my eyes bleed and this portion of my night must end.


Indian Lake Papa said...

65,70,75,80,85,90,95,100! Who's not ready, holler I (pause) Here I come ready or not!

Gotcha! ( I miss you!) :o)

Indian Lake Papa

Anonymous said...

Wow. I got such a good mental picture of this. Hope the rug burns are healing alright...and I hope you're both doing well in Chicago! (yes, I finally graduated from Xanga to Blogger...all the cool kids hang out here...) :)

Robin said...

In a strange sort of way it sounds like fun - you know a challenge -leave it to you and Jake to make hiding out for the night fun :)

I think it is a good idea to have a night to yourself to recharge.

Love ya bunches :)

Anonymous said...

feel-ya. I end up having to do the same thing here. being loved is great but you need the nights off too :/


mindy said...

Have you ever thought of a "do not disturb" sign...I hear they work well at hotels. Well, kind of well, if it's close to check out the maid will still knock...I've heard. You could just make a sign that says "Jake and Jess night...see you in the morning."