Tuesday, November 06, 2007

thank yous.

you see, i have a stack of thank you cards. literally a stack.
a good big toe (measured length wise) size in depth.
all fully written thank yous.
well, 95% written out.
95% addressed (all addresses obtained months ago).
only 10% with postage.

all of them over 3 months due, and that's being quite liberal in the turn over rate of gift given and a one month leeway.

garbage side: they're still not out & that, as an unintended consequence, makes me feel like a big glob of applesauce.

pleasant side: because i'm negligent in sending these initial well intentioned notes, i think of each and every one of you almost everyday. really.

worst side: one of these letters in a sympathy note. on that note, i think it may just be the best one to delay. so often i have found people get inundated with cards immediately following the death of their loved one and one week/month later, their loss is often slighted with everyday everydayness.

ugh - i am my mother's daughter.

edgar is over. looking up stories of validation that his high school is haunted.
we love him. so much.

p.s. related to toes: new found glory. where were these when i was wearing trouser socks everyday?


Robin said...

You are so cute Jessica :)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Thumbs up on thank you cards! That can always be a project! I have often thought about sending Jesus a Thank You card, just haven't got around to it. Your wit and introspect are something lady!

Indian Lake Papa

Antonius said...

Yep, I still check in once a while. Who's toe is that? Some nail polish, a shave...

hey visit me sometimes

Baba, no more

Robin said...


I saw this quote and thought of you...

"I try to give to the poor people for love what the rich could get for money. No. I wouldn't touch a leper for thousand pounds; yet I willingly cure him for the love of God."

Mother Teresa