Friday, September 14, 2007

Thanks to Cory on his Ramadan post last year here is a dedication to the beginning of Ramadan, sung to the tune of who really knows:

Ramadan time is here
the best time of the year.

fasting, not eating food
being nice, not being rude.

instead of watching movies all day
lets go to the mosque now and pray.

i can't wait to make my zakat
maybe 8 or twenty ducat

In honor though, of those who are more loving than us, we give you Rebecca & Hajo's thoughts on the beginning of Ramadan.


Kate said...

First comment!!! :)

We could use a "permanent" Ramadan here in the U.S.! This kinda makes me want to create a month long month of hospitality/love/fasting for Christians...think it would work?!

Either way, I'm convinced. I guess I'll be a little nicer this month ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I think "Good King Wenceslas" fits!


Jake and Jessica said...

just to put it out there - whomever wants to know the tune can request a personal concert from me. just give me a call or if there are many requests, jake will just tape a video of me and post it on youtube. simply cast your vote to decide the fate of your ears.

Robin said...

Hey Jessica,

I don't have your current phone number can you email it to me :)


Anonymous said...

Ramadan? Isn't that where the Romulans live?

Robin said...

In thinking about this post Isaiah 58 comes to mind. It's all good, but verses 9-14 stand out.

cory said...

can we do a duet Jess?