Friday, September 21, 2007

Google Earth

For those of you who know about such things and have Google Earth installed on their computers, you can go to these coordinates and check out a photo of Tatiwin, Morocco, Africa that we posted.

32.5912° -4.7651°

It is one of our favorite places, and we would like to share it.

Note: You have to have the "Geographic Web: Panoramio" checked as visible.



Robin said...

Hi Guys :)

This is so off topic of your blog, but I was wondering if either of you have read "A Generous Orthodoxy" by Brian D. McLaren

Some of the thoughts in the book made me think of you (good thoughts of course)

Indian Lake Papa said...

In a valley with Talliouine" (SP) off to the west?? My first try at Google Earth! Just got it downloaded.

Nice view! I think I spotted Jess in a market place! :o)

Indian Lake Papa

Robin said...

Hi Jessica,

I just found a picture of a wild girl and scanned it into my blog - I think you will have a remembrance, but my how the times have changed. Even though she is so much bigger now I see her still in that old picture.

Love ya,


Nathan said...

Hey Jake and Jess,
This also doesn't have anything to do with your blog entry but I just wanted to say thanks to Jess for your encouraging words about Mission year back in August(sorry for the late response). We almost have our service sites squared away and are excited to get to work. Now that I know your blog Zen and I will be checking it out often.

Nate Martin

Indian Lake Papa said...

Try 42.154N 85.469W stop by if you get there!

Indian Lake Papa