Thursday, September 06, 2007

Here's how it went:

Arrival to Department of Human Services = 7:00am (we attempted to go yesterday but found cuddling in bed a bit too enticing)

Number of people in line at 7:00am = 15

Number of people in line at 8:00am when the doors opened = at least 75

Time waiting in line until application submitted = 1 1/2 hours

Time waiting to be called in by a case manager = 45 mins.

Number of white people in waiting room = three. us being two of them.

Number of minutes spent with case manager = 10

you ask...

Available for Medicaid? Nope. Gotta get knocked up, as Jacob says, before we are able to get insurance. so much for prevention America!

Available for food stamps? She wanted to go through it all and see but I told her not to worry about it. Too many people in the waiting room who needed it besides us. I didn't have the heart to take up their time and/or money.

So, you ask, what are you doing with all of your time?

Great question!

In addition to kids coming over basically everyday after school and doing homework/playing, I have been doing a couple home visits, tonight am going to a funeral for a dear woman who died on Monday and continuing the job search.

Ugh - the job search. I'm lowering my expectations and probably becoming more flaky as time passes. which probably means I'll be getting a job soon. Enshallah.

During the day though = Jake and I have been canning and preparing. Since Grandma (our neighbor) got hit by a car we have been care-taking her garden. Not wanting her to miss out on all of it's fruits (ha! ha!) we have been working to preserve some herbs, tomatoes, and beans for her return.

Boiling & Peeling




A snippet of the "before"


The unshelling


cory said...

you two are beautiful!

cory said...

first comment!

Mai said...

I know how frustrating the job search can be. But sounds like you both are making excellent use of your time.

Hearing about your goings on makes me a bit more skeptical about the effectiveness of the government programs. But I'm just not ready to eliminate it completely as an option...

Robin said...

The canning pictures are great of course all of your pictures are - they tell great stories - what wonderful memories you will have!

Praying God leads and directs you both keep your hope in HIM!

Indian Lake Papa said...

You both will make great little "homemakers". You do good kids!

Indian Lake Papa

cory said...

let honey lather...?

Anonymous said...

beans, beans the magical fruit...Go USA!

- Master Chef

elle & josh said...

the fruits & veggies look yummy. you are taking such good care of grandma & her garden! looks like a great way to spend your jobless days!