Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jermaine allergic to chocolate. not necessarily allergic but rather, when he eats too much he has serious, in his words - "dookie". I say diarrhea.

a number of weeks back we had a cookie making party for the neighbors. i want the kids to know their neighbors and likewise. i want them to gain an appreciation for each other and their life together. therefore, we bake cookies together and give them away (p.s. this photo is two years old, but Jermaine is so cute in it).

throughout the cookie baking process each kid was given permission to eat two cookies each, double chocolate chip cookies (cake mix recipe of coarse). Ethan smeared more chocolate on his face than took inside his mouth. Destiny snatched her two up and made her way into the computer room to read. Kaylanie, the ever more becoming pacifist, helped mix the batter, took her cookies and decided it was time to leave. Jermaine grabbed his two, sat at the table and enjoyed each bite as his looked out the window and gazed. i, on the other had, got a bowl of bran flakes and began munching as i made my way around - watching and kissing all of the wandering hands throughout our apartment. Preventing what i could like play-dough being mashed into our carpet and letting go what in the long-run simply just doesn't matter, like kids sneaking extra cookies from behind our backs.

each little child asking what i was eating and if they could taste. with excitement in my breath i answered with a resounding "YES!" and preceded to tell them what bran flakes were, why they are good for you, what fiber is, what food fiber is found it etc., and in the end offering them a little bit of knowledge (because they like to talk about this stuff) that fiber does indeed help you go dookie when it feels like you need to go but can't. i told them apples help you go dookie too. they laughed, fell on the floor laughing and preceded to eat up the rest of my bran flakes.

upon returning back to the kitchen i saw that Jermaine had eaten his two cookies and noticed a couple more gone. oh well - thinking he'll understand tonight why he should listen and why it's important to obey.

well he did experience the consequences of eating too much chocolate, he did indeed. The next afternoon when i went to pick him up Coco, his "dad", told me he had diarrhea last night. i giggled, we talked about how it was probably from too much chocolate and i told him i would make sure no cookies were dispensed that day. he said okay.

when we returned to our home i pulled Jermaine aside and asked him how his belly was feeling. he said okay. i asked him if he had an serious dookie last night. he said yes. i asked him if he thought it was maybe because he ate too much chocolate yesterday. he said no. with a hint of surprise in my voice i asked, "you don't? why do you think you had an overflow of dookie then?" his response: "well, i didn't tell my mom this, but i think it was the bran flakes. i'm not going to tell her because i don't want to stop eating bran flakes."

giggling inside i kissed him, turned him around facing away, slapped his little butt and sent him into the living room.

i'm not telling her either.


Indian Lake Papa said...

You two are phenomenal! You are right, how are you ever going to find time to work! i really believe you are where you are at because God wants you there! Love those kids Jess, we miss you in the nursery!

Indian Lake Papa

Robin said...

You guys are awesome! Loving those little ones the ones Jesus would be huggin' on if he were in your neighborhood.

I'm so thrilled that you are educating the little ones on fiber :) Remember my fiber cakes, fiber cookies and fiber bars :) and fiber whatever else - still making them :) Gotta have fiber and its not just to help with the bathroom business either its just plain good for you :) Of course the cake and cookies, etc aren't great for you, but you know you have to enjoy something sweet every now and then.

Oh I replied to your comments on my blog.

Yes, I'm enjoying "talking with" Indian Lake Papa - thanks for "introducing us."

Love you!


dana said...

i love this...and i love you.

by the way, i'm blogging now, too.

Kate said...

i really like this post! the thought of all of you baking cookies and munching on bran flakes makes me really wish i was one of the neighbors... :)

miss talking to you both. have you been pretty busy?