Sunday, September 03, 2006

It is a shameful thing that it takes so long for the word to come out about the condition of our neighbors.

The commissioner confirmed reports from neighbors that the family had been without electricity for at least a month and had been relying on candles for light.
The three-bedroom apartment in the Rogers Park neighborhood had no smoke detectors, he said.

It is an absolute poverty that we allow things like this to happen. While some roll in wealth, others live in destitution. Lives separated and reduced to abstractions. We stop caring about people as soon as we can no longer see their humanity. And when we surround ourselves with people like ourselves we are insulated from the humanizing effects of community.

We are blind to people like this because of our life choices. We need to drop our barriers of comfort and reform into communities of old.


Linda K. said...

Hey, I have thought about this discrepancy many times. I think because I am at the low end of the income scale. Maybe that is why God has placed me here so I can get a good view of this end.
I love capitalism, I love the hope and opportunities, I hate the despair and desparate unmet needs. Can you have one without the other?
I have been praying about an adequate income level. I think we all plan to give and then we need a bigger house, new furniture, a nicer car (yes, I really do need a better car!), a retirement fund. When is enough enough? I have a monthly figure in mind that I believe God is going to provide for us to meet "needs" and "wants". Beyond that amount we must give it away.

mindy said...

...and this is the conversation/action that I miss daily in my life. I'm SO happy that the two of you found each other and will forever be changing the world together. It does mean that my life misses the passion of Jessica, but I'm glad to know that it is in good hands...hands which also want to work instead of mearly pray.