Monday, September 11, 2006

Thanks to Cory, we have an idea on how to stimulate some comments and conversation on here. We are going to have our first ever Q&A.

Leave us a question in the comments section. Ask any question you like, just remember this is a public information forum, so with the knowledge that we just got married, keep it appropriate please.

Next week, after we have gathered all of the questions, we will answer them in another post.


cory said...

1. how many miles will you have covered by the time the grande tour americana is over?
2. do you guys have "a song"?
3. how can i be more like you?

amber said...

1. have you ran over anything yet??

Anonymous said...

if you were going to write an accrostic for "marriage", what would that look like?

Anonymous said...

Isaac what do you want to tell Jake and Jessica? He replies: "Dshetsitka s bein tsilly."
How can I talk to you? What if there are questions/comments I have that aren't for the world to see? Is it tough luck for me? Are you checking your email? When do you leave?
Thanks for all of the pictures (Isaac loves them too!). They are a joy to look at. I miss you.
We all love you,
p.s. my belly is very large...very large indeed.

Anonymous said...
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mindy said...

Now, I hear that your car had an odor SO bad...and you realized it was YOUR BODY ODOR(S). After showering is the car pleasant again, or was there too much seepage to rid the car of odor mearly by removing your bodies and cleansing them?

mindy said...


mindy said...

OK, one more...what has worship been like in life on the road? Have you gotten to participate in a "church" or is church these days the fellowship and service of saying good-bye?

What has your favorite convorsation topic while driving been? ...I like this question bit. :)

Rodney Green said...

Hi, this is Rod, the Buckley's guy that met you both during your wedding. I am in England now and enjoying it. When are you traveling to Sewa Ashram?