Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sorry everyone. We kept wondering why no one was ever commenting on our amazing photos and incredible thoughts. Well, it was our fault. We accidentally had turned on the comment moderation and we were not moderating anything.

Sorry about that, we are now feeling rather foolish. The comments should work perfectly now, unlike before.

All apologies mixed with laughter.

As for us, we are headed out to Huntsville, AL tomorrow morning. After that will be our friends in North Carolina and then the D.C. area.



Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have your comments section up and running again. Looking forward to "watching" and "reading" the journey as it unfolds. Can't wait to see you both in VA. Brianna is so excited that Jake is a Vegetarian too. She thinks you know how to pick them Jessica :)

Love ya,


mai said...

yeah i was wondering why the heck my comments weren't showing up.

anyway, it was way fun having you guys in washington.

question: i want to buy a sleeping bag. got any recommendations?

Peaceful Wanderings said...

Hey you crazy mo'rockins. I got my internet to work for like 3 seconds. This is my site:
I cant WAIT to see you/meet you and keep up on ALL God has for you in the future.
love you both,
homesick in the east

Anonymous said...

glad to hear some news and see some pictures and be able to comment. looking forward to your return home. We love you and miss you. MOM and DAD

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica
I am reading your BLOG
Wow you are having a GREAT
Adventure and it is just beginning. Please email me!
I need your email address
to send you something!
Marilyn Gore-Cracker Barrell friend :0)God Bless

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica and Jake,
Thank you so much for posting the wonderful pictures and diary of your journey into the future. We miss you at Cracker Barrel, but realize that lifes plan has much more to offer. You missed a fun day at Patricia Polacco's new book signing last weekend. I played the guitar and keyboard in the room where she was signing. We had dinner together at the close of the day. Wish you were here to join us.
Love Ya,
Larry and Susan Shroyer

Maeve Siano said...

Hey Jessica,
It's so exciting to see what you guy are doing, what an adventure. Wasn't sure the best way to contact you, so we figured we would try this..Unfortunately, Dave and I are up to our necks packing for our move to Texas so won't be there tomorrow at your reception...all our best and please call me if we could catch up later this week and get to meet your husband!!!