Monday, September 04, 2006

While we have time and internet... more picture...

Arches Nat'l Park. Scenic but not all that fun, we thought.

A fellow set of honeymooners following a very similar road trip plan. We bumped into them and had a great latenight conversation, and hundreds of miles away, completely unplanned, we ran into them again.
Jane and Vinny, all luck and blessings.

Robin and her crazy(awesome) children attacking me with a complete ecosystem. A monarch butterfly, sheep and rabbits made up the brunt of the offensive force.


Anonymous said...

Jake and Jessica,

Joshua saw the picture of himself and Brianna attacking you (Jake) and he said, "I want to hug Jake, but I can't. I can pretend though." and he reached his arms out to the computer." So consider yourself hugged by a three year old boy.

Brianna hasn't seen the picture yet, but when she does, I'm sure she will have some comments for you too.

Hope you guys are enjoying your travels today. It was absolutely wonderful spending time with you both.


Linda K. said...

So, where are you now and where are you going? These are my questions and I need some answers for Mr. & Mrs. Diller also.

Love you both,