Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A taste of the last few weeks...

Strawberry & vegetable picking.
Cleaning and celebrating swollen toes, ankles & strawberries.
An evening with Pam & Tom.
A beautiful rainy visit with Rachel.
Reuben cooling down.
A surprise visit to a Chicago Cubs game w/ Rebecca & Jacob.

An afternoon D&D date with Malachi, Sarah & Gil.

Malachi dancing with his cousin.
We continue to be so grateful for the small things that make for wonderful summer afternoons...


Robin said...

You look wonderful, Jessica!

e_hendel said...

I love the photo of you picking strawberries, Jess!

cory said...

you all look wonderful! i'm serious, Jess, you look great, Rebecca looks awesome, Jacob's sporting an awesome beard, Jake of course is amazing, and Rachel's long hair is super hot! why are all the pretty people in Chicago?