Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rumi, Reshma & their Family.

Many of you know that over the Memorial Day weekend I flew out to San Diego to spend, what I have come to call, a memorable and most glorious weekend with Rumi, Reshma & their family. When if comes to finding words to describe the weekend, I have a hard time. What does roll smoothly off my tongue is this: there has never been a better fit.

There seems to be a beauty in things that fit. I remember being amazed when I was in high school stocking shelves at Kroger and watching the baby food containers (those wretched containers) fit perfectly on the shelves. Although I hate puzzles, I just love the idea of many pieces of a puzzle fitting together to make one image. I love the fit of a perfect t-shirt and the way that old jeans, even when they don't fit - fit perfectly.

I think that's actually the way I experienced the weekend with Sharon, Rumi, Reshma (aka Baby Keckma), Mark, Dani & Karla. Time spent with each of them just fit, like the jeans that fit perfectly and offer you a comfort and identity that you only find when wearing them.

So now for the pictures that each of you have been asking for. This is only a pinch of some of the
really cute ones although there are plenty more to be posted soon. Small doses and delayed gratification prolong the excitement, correct?

- sleepy Reshma -

- Sharon came well prepared for many an afternoons on the beach. Toy of choice: kites. I have to say, we were all pretty good at flying them, although Reshma was pretty sure they were more fun to touch and play with than simply watch. -

- Rumi taking over the controls -

- Spiderman and his flying turtle -

- highlight of the weekend: Spiderman band-aids. They went everywhere with us - breakfast, to the beach (where when we got up to leave found band-aid wrappers surrounding our space), out to dinner, etc. They also gave me a really great band-aid shape tattoo on my left thigh.

- proof that they went everywhere with us -
- 2 peas -

- love this smile -

- Jake has shared that this may be his favorite photo simply because of the excitement demonstrated on Rumi's face. In fact, I encourage you save it and then zoom in to see the adrenaline run! -

- somersault attempt -

- a family walk to get water for playing in the sand. Mark, Rumi, Keckma, & Sharon (L-R) -

- building castles -

- a friend on my morning walk (there will be more "morning walk" photos to come) -
- I sincerely cannot think of a better support that Dani, the family's Au Pear (am I even spelling that correctly?). She is so great with the kids, a perfect balance of love and firmness. It was such a delight to spend time watching her love on the kids so well -
Thank you Sharon, Rumi, Reshma, Mark & Dani for allowing me to join in on your family vacation. It was simply beautiful spending time with each of you. I am honored by your generosity, kindness, comfort and am so grateful for the way you allowed space and time for me to fit into your lives. We love you.


Dana said...

So lovely. I'm glad for your recent joys. :)

PrincessMax said...



cory said...

oh, i love this! thanks SO much for sharing!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Precious - so precious -- and never forget God's miraculous touch on these lives -

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful time. I love that crab photo!

Alissa said...

The kids look like they are thriving and so happy in their new home! I can't believe how big they are! I love the joys adoption can bring to a family! I can't wait to do it myself sometime. Glad you had a good time :-)