Sunday, May 10, 2009


there are times in our lives, i'm convinced,
where we just need to engage in the action of nurturing.

nurturing ourselves, others, the world and our spirits.

Radiant Wonderer

Potent radiant wonderer, how do we describe
the extraordinary ones? Co-creating, co-evolving
our emerging, even converging universe.

Our consciousness. Together. Collective wisdom.
Light meets light, is wave, is part. Flows all.

Rock to mountain
Leaf to tree
Cell to organ
Aliveness in pattern
Snowflake, toaster, cat

The vibrant, brilliant hues, kaleidoscope of creativity
cosmic synergy where eye connects to eye. We flow.

Lured in by bright eyes awake--
indeed, intensely alive. The sparkle of spirit
emanating from every particle, gracing
fluid movement. Crisp, clear, translucent
conversations, connection luminescent,
transfixed, transformed, trans-beinged.

- herman is loving the summer warmth -


cory said...

you let Herman play outside! that's so great!

Rachel said...