Sunday, May 17, 2009


as of late, jake & i have been enjoying peaceful mornings on our front porch eating breakfast and cool evenings outside in our backyard or on the front porch having dinner together. this is good. it feels good in every way. not only have we have met a couple more neighbors (casual "hello" at this time) but it has also been good for us. we feel that if we let it, summer gets away from us and although we enjoy the season, the experience of summer and community are often pushed to the side with busyness and bike rides and trips and gatherings and...

so this yesr we are making a more concerted effort to stay at home. i think i've posted this link before, but here is it one more time: The Most Radial Thing You Can Do

i've been ruminating over this article for quite some time now. it fits well with me. it works well with this 30th year that i have entered into - for many reasons (all of which i will touch on sometime soon.) in the meantime though, here are some photos from recent times:

- an early morning coffee & dark chocolate treat (thanks to Elaine for giving us permission to enjoy chocolate each morning) -

- the pianese are simply breathtaking this year. Irene shared that it's always the 3rd year when they truly start to shine. i'm beginning to think this may be the same for our marriage as well. -

- a few days back i was reading a blog from a stay-at-home mom (i think i read too many of these sometimes) who shared that her family loves to engage in the activity of geocaching. After exploring what this strange activity is, i was captured and addicted at the thought of following a "true" map to an end with an unknown suprise awaiting us - our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

i asked jake (who presented to have know about this experience for years now, as well as my mom!) why we had never gone on such a treasure hunt. he shared, "you hate technology. i didn't think you would like it." to which i responded, "you should know, i like technology when it means that you get to play outside and there is a treasure hunt with a prize at the end!"

all of this to say - we have gone on a couple treasure hunts in chicago (which makes living here a bit more bearable) over the last couple of days. One of which lead us to this marker under a tree in a hidden park in Oak Park. i quote, "to desire truth is to pursue wisdom." ~James E. O'Brien. -

- one of my mother's day gifts from Irene. i wonder if she knows that we don't have kids? -

- our spiritual community, WPG, has taken on the task of turning an abandoned lot and engaging in the practice of resurrection through community gardening. yesterday was our first day of clean up and planting. i wish i would have taken a "before" pic. but was too excited at that time to think about taking photographs when there was so much to do. as activity settled down i washed my hands and took a couple action shots before digging my fingers into the soil once again. -

- we found a number of these nightcrawlers (a good sign of great soil) dancing thoughout our garden beds. upon finding them i was reminded of the french fry contests my sisters and i would have when we went out to eat, "who has the longest french fry!?!" yesterday, i had the longest earthworm. how things have changed and yet - how they always stay the same. and jake wonders where my competitive side comes from? -

- the kids have been coming over more lately. i have missed their consistent company over the winter season. yesterday, much of our time was spent wrestling inside to be following up with a couple hours playing in the park. not only were the kids amazing (so bummed that i didn't bring the camera) but i also have not seen jake so active and joyful. it was an afternoon filled with simple delight -

- for my 30th rachel sent our way a sprouting jar as well as some beans from The Sprouting People. Following is a progression through the last couple of days, beginning with day 2 (day 1 - just beans).

- day 3 -

- day 4 -

- day 5, we couldn't even stick the lens of the camera into the jar without getting it all wet from the long sprouts. -

- lastly, Megan, our niece, made this beautiful candle holder for "the 30th". isn't it beautiful? -
hope each of you are enjoying the sun this afternoon!


Rachel said...

I want to eat those sprouts.

Jake and Jess said...

come on over!

PrincessMax said...

So much going on in this post. It's lovely. The garden working looks fantabulous. I'm so glad we got a chance to see you on this busy, life-ly weekend.

cory said...

i was reading wendell the other day, and was thinking about what practicing resurrection might look like. i think i found a part of it!

Jake and Jess said...

in eating chocolate in the morning or within an experience that you had this weekend. we missed talking with you!

Jake and Jess said...

miss princess -

it's ALWAYS good you see you and your beloved. our time spent with you is something we both look forward to...