Sunday, February 15, 2009


i'm a little angry this morning - the right kind of angry. the kind of angry that gets your blood boiling, arms waving, and husband saying, "please don't yell at me, i'm not the one you're angry at." still - he is the perfect kind of partner and takes the verbal abuse and confusion.

today's topic of conversation: are we really animals? do we, the greater society, really not think before acting? if so, how can this be? if not, how can we reconcile accountability for what we have done?

how do we reconcile patterning all of our children after each other by sending them all to public schools instead of letting them invent themselves and supporting them in doing so?

how do we reconcile watching men, groups of men, rape and abuse women across the globe with no recourse?

how do we reconcile the pressure to stay away from home, the essence of who we are and where we grow roots?

how do we reconcile city life, lack of health care (i spoke with a man for 10 mins. this morning outside of Aldi who has no insurance, is a roofer who feel off a roof this past summer and is now in poverty with limited options outside of begging), lack of forethought, insight, and long-term consequences?

are we really that animalistic?


Anonymous said...

How do you reconcile the comparison of sending our children to public schools to groups of men raping and abusing women?

Jake and Jess said...

great question mom: please see most recent most.