Sunday, February 22, 2009

the perfect kind of day.

my favorite hair cut of all time. yes, christmas decoration that are not read or green are all still up.

\the day began with a quick run outside with ballerina slippers to engage the clean air, test the wet (here they are drying after a scrub down) ground & pick up the consequences of accumulated winter trash that has been hibernating under the snow over the past two months. plastic bags shown after our weekly washing. christmas lights over the shower (since we moved in) as a gift from my husband to make it feel like every shower i take feel like it's under the stars.

such a beautiful warm day the rainbows & chacos were singing from the closet sweet words of potential spring/summer days.

edgar stopped over for quite some time to help jake work on the motorcycle and received his favorite treat - sweet butter corn muffins.

an early blossom.

each weekend we make our way over the John & Elaine's home to rest for a couple of hours. with conversation, laughter, rest & sweet treats they have become our surrogate grandparents in this cold city. on this particular day John did not bother to find Elaine upstairs. we think he just needed some time with us by himself. as we rested in his stories he shared memories of his childhood, feelings related to being a parent, his struggle with alcoholism and together we entered into a sacred time of passing on some of what he shared he has not even told Elaine after 40(ish) years of marriage.


cory said...

wow. i really like you guys! i can't wait to see you. those pictures of Jake do my heart good!

Rachel said...

If I'm in the hospital, I hope my nurse has a mohawk, not a fauxhawk, though.