Wednesday, April 02, 2008


i didn't understand the psychological toll winter had taken on my soul until spring. now i dance with notice of buds beginning to bring life to the cryptic trees. i jumped with joy sunday evening at the sound of our beloved ice cream truck. people are out! we're out! our windows are open as the dark peeks it's way into the night and the sun is greeting us earlier and earlier as our internal clocks find their rhythm with birds songs once again.

to ring in the season of resurrection we spent friday evening planting herbs & wildflowers all over our home, placing each box of hopeful beauty as directly into the sun as possible.

four days of growth. look how they lean to the sun.

our morning light.

five days growth! what are we ever going to do with so many flowers!


Robin said...

How cool! So Jessica how was your birthday? I LOVED your cake :)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Flowers, God did a wonderful thing when He created Spring!

cory said...

Yeah! i didn't know the toll of winter either until now! green shoots mean a lot.

PS. ILP's photo is more awesome than honey and butter on warm bread.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Cory - the story behind my flowers is my April 1st post.