Sunday, April 20, 2008

a healthy blur.

in the advent of spring jake & i have found ourselves enjoying the delights of spring time. riding our bikes. enjoying picnics & long walk (go ahead and say it, "on the beach"). spending from 5:17pm - 7:30pm outside laughing. fresh fruits & vegetables that are finding their way into season. we're finding ourselves once again in the doing rather than being, and for now - that's okay. my body has been longing to become friends with the warm wind once again & my toes have found their way out of hibernation. in addition we have had the delight of spending the last couple weekend with friends both visiting us in our home as well as welcoming us into their home.

yummm... chocolate peanut butter cupcakes + a couple tangy licks from the support staff.

lauren helping destiny with a homework assignment on explaining global warming, presenting its long term effects and then attempting to persuade the reader (through a poster presentation) the importance of addressing global warming and how to do so (ex: don't keep your hair straightener plugged in all day. she's a bright one).

the ladies at the conservatory.

the men lookin' thrilled.

the following day our good friend josh left us a message, "cancel all of your plans, you don't have any other option, we'll be at your house at noon." that afternoon josh & a couple friends presented themselves at our door and took us to a White Sox vs. Tigers baseball game. When told where we would be going, jake's responded, "that's baseball right?"

at the top of the 4th inning the score was something ridiculous like White Sox 7, Tigers 0. It got sad. For moral support we flipped the caps, which elicited an increased number of "boos" and "hisses" from behind. yet, we stuck with them, josh in his redwings jersey, me in my Tigers cap. we were a magical team, with the magic of dry wonderbread.

this weekend lauren offered us a ride to purdue for a couple nights of simple friend enjoyment. each time we head south diana & ruben blow up their air mattress & allow us to stay with them, share in meals together with them and host any number of friends who stop by in the evenings. we cannot thank them enough for their kindness each visit.

the following morning we ran into the "Complicated" Women of breaksfast club

that evening diana & i enjoyed partaking together in our newly christened ritual, baking vegan cupcakes for all to enjoy. this visits choice of recipe: lime & coconut cupcakes.

this picture you get to make up your own caption to. so many dynamics occurring in this one shot.

and lastly:natural urban gardening.

in addition to all of what has been mentioned above, we have been so grateful to have been a part of some really great conversations about love, faith, trust, finances, community, beauty, sensuality, gardening, vermicomposting, sustainability, etc. so many "catch" words for the time. yet, all great topics which have continued to give guidance to the direction life seems to be taking both jake & i together.

change. making the decision to let it happen and embracing with laughter & trust whatever comes our way.


Robin said...

Hey Guys :) thanks for the email :) I put the info in two places - hopefully that means its safe now...

Glad you are doing well.

cory said...

mmm, so many good stories, pictures and thoughts. i really like you all!

Margaret said...

Amazing, I'm not sure what else I can say except just straight up amazing! The boys and I did our little box of treats draw this morning and G pulled your name from the jar. I am very excited to send you some pieces from my work bench and I hope you enjoy them! My e-mail is so we can get your mailing address.
Thanks again for visiting us in our blogland.