Monday, April 07, 2008

sliced finger.

this evening i was looking forward with anticipation to write. both jake & i have found ourselves in the midst of free flowing grace & rejuvenation. sneaking up from behind spring has caught our attention and we have been taken to love. i so deeply wanted to share what this spiritual experience has been like for th both of us, and as cory would say, "in a both both plural and singular way."

yet, this evening when the kids were over i was cutting us some cheese, fancy cheese that is - it was their night to try something new instead of the same ole' bran flakes & yogurt. in cutting the cheese (giggle, giggle) i sliced my finger and it hurts. it's also extremely awkward to attempt at typing with a long piece of jake's old underwear wrapped around my left hand ring finger, taped in place. reduce (not using disposal band-aids), reuse (we can use this bandage again after a nice washing), and recycle (it was jake's underwear at one time).

so tonight, a couple picture with short stories. perhaps next time - thoughts.

half of our garden. please don't ask what we're planting because all i have for you is "flowers & herbs!" we didn't label to keep us guessing. in the midst of cleaning though i took out the seed packages with the names and threw them in the recycling, which is long gone by now. see below the beautiful jars of yummy treats for two of my sisters for my birthday (which was great!): homemade peanut butter, barley, beans, olive oil, honey, beans, an empty candy jar (which we are intentionally keeping empty at this time), and popcorn.

new life.

on Sunday we headed up to Fox Lake for a day of laying out in the sun, walking, kissing, playing and motor cycle riding. our batteries in our camera ran out after this picture. therefore, this is all we have from our day away. previous to this day we were gifted with the opportunity to attend deep shift. you can read more about out time at our friend Rebecca's blog. ah - so many thoughts!

bike season is officially back! our my way to work this morning though i found myself in a bit of a bind,, literally, as my jean skirt kept on slipping under the back break and wedging itself between my break and back wheel. ugh! with forethought though i planned for my ride home to be more of a success than the ride to work. my solution: as seen above. it worked like a dream.

tonight the kids thought it was funny to lick dirt. i thought it was funny too and let them continue to do so, laughing. it's probably better than most of the crap they put in their bodies anyway.

night lights in our home.


Indian Lake Papa said...

I love the way you and Jake make memories!

Robin said...

Nice to hear about your life again! Love and prayers coming your way!

dana said...

beautiful. as are both of you.


PrincessMax said...

Ah. Re-used underwear. Someday, when my appartment is suitable for guests, I'll have the two of you over and I'll show you the quilt I have made out of my ex-husband's boxer shorts and pieces of my wedding dress. It's not quite done but close enough to be beautiful.

cory said...

this is a most amazing post.

i think i might have been talking to you while you sliced your finger, so for whatever part i played in that, i'm sorry.

Robin said...

Hey Jessica,

With the type of questions I posted I figured most people would just wait for the next post to make comments. I was also surprised with the number of people who answered all of the questions.

Hope your finger is getting better :)

Robin said...

One more thing - I need to talk to you Jessica... When is a good time to call?

Also I've shared some funny stories about the kids on my blog too - I just use son and daughter to name them though...

Rachel said...


Rachel said...

as in, these are fantastic. thank you for sharing with us!

see you soon?

cory said...

i cannot get enough of those kids licking the dirt. every time i see it, i just crack up!