Wednesday, August 22, 2007

jake's at work. the kids aren't home. already stalked my other neighbors today. i've already done my job search quota for the day. really should write some of you back (and also write some long over-due thank you notes as well) but thought posting some long over-due pictures tonight would be just as well.

*jake and his dad blowing things up in the yard - what more is there to say*

*in between parents our dear friends at Indian Lake (yes, Indian Lake Papa lives there) threw us a lovely potluck. as an added bonus Krista, a kindred spirit, made a presence from Ohio with a miracle growing inside her belly! with her grandma, Lois, we had a ball together - enjoying the miracles of life.*

*i shared long ago that on our one year anniversary Jake and I became god-parents to a beautiful girl, Amelia Rene - daughter of Richard and Rene (my twinkie). we could not think of a better way to celebrate our first year of marriage together than to celebrate a new life in Christ. we are honored to now be part of a family we so much admire and receive much love (and laughter & sarcasm) from.*

*as an added bonus we were surprised at the baptism celebration with our very own "first anniversary cake" which we demolished in days. thanks Rene.*

*during our time at my parents we were blessed to have a number of good friends come and visit, rest, play, almost drown (wink, wink to you Longenbaughs)... sorry we don't have photos of/for all of you but here are a couple from a day with my dear friend Rona and her three kiddos (Anna, Andrew and Kate).*

*Home, finally.*

*our three-tier homemade dresser*

*our kitchen. yup, that's it.*

*and as an added bonus: although a little side-ways, my husband. all of you who really know him can attest, this is jake at his best.*

still, the best is yet to come.


Indian Lake Papa said...

Pictures tell a wonderful story! We are proud to be your "inbetween" parents! Love you "daughter" and son-in-law! You are always in our prayers.

God bless!

Indian Lake Papa & Mama

Mai said...

So good to see all the Chicago kids. Tell them I miss them and love them!
love, mai.

Robin said...

Great pictures :) Thanks for sharing! Miss you Jessica :)

Anonymous said...

I love you two!!!! Thanks for sharing your life and love with us all.