Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chainsaw work

Jess and I are a little down today. I got a solid rejection from the job that I really wanted, and still haven't heard back from that other job that would have been pretty cool.

Jess has had two interviews recently and she just didn't feel like the interviewers got to see the "real" her. They may have gone well, and she may get one of them, but the feeling of confidence just wasn't there. In her words, "I just wish they could tear my heart out and see it."

So, in that spirit, today I began looking for jobs in Alaska. Why not?

The best job description I have ever seen. Really, I mean it. I found it on this morning. I could live forever with my job description looking like this.

Remote Flyfishing Camp Manager
Reply to:
Date: 2007-08-06, 3:59PM AKDT

Skills Required:
Mechanical Skills
Operate Chainsaw
Firearms use and maintenance
Operate Jet boat
Be able to lift min 75 lbs
Must be able to work unsupervised

Excuse me? Did you say operate chainsaw, firearms use and maintenance, and JET BOAT in the same sentence? That job has ME written all over it!

Now all I have to do is get out of my part-time teaching contract.



Anonymous said...

we'll work on it love.

- me

Indian Lake Papa said...

Hey, do they hire senior citizens as well? I like the sound of that job. Be sure you get a good quality chainsaw though! Take your pepper spray though and a whistle for bear protection! You do know how to tell if you are in black bear or grizzly country don't you? Black bear feces has a berry smell. Grizzly bear feces smells like pepper and may have a whistle or two in it!

Indian Lake Papa

Robin said...

Hey Guys...

Praying for God's direction for you both.

Indian Lake Papa - interesting bear tidbits

Anonymous said... good.


jess devries said...

that's alaska for you. gotta love it!