Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Yeah, internet again...

So we had a little time before meeting our friends for breakfast, and thought that we would update the blog a little bit again.

First up, a guessing game. This is an object that we picked up in India. We can tell you that it at one point used to be alive. Now it is your job to guess what it is, what it was, where it came from, and how it came to our possession. Come on, get creative, and give us a story.

Fruit in India is dirt cheap, and amazing. There is nothing like a banana that was allowed to ripen on a tree, instead of being picked green so it can be shipped a few hundred miles just to ripen off the tree on a grocery store shelf.

Due to the awesomeness of the fruit here, we ate a lot. Here we are suckin' on mangoes. Ummmm.....

Now here we are suckin' on watermelon on the back step of our little hotel room at the Salvation Army in Calcutta.

Jessica says, "this one's for you, sisters." We went to what sounded like a really cool museum in Calcutta, and it turned out to be kind of lame (mostly it was a huge showcase for dirty dolls donated from around the world). However, there were two floors of these models depicting Hindu mythology. Each floor had 61 window frames, each one containing models telling a portion of the story.

This one was one of our favorites... sorry it is blurry, I think picture taking was against the rules, so we had to sneak it in as we could.

And here we are in Bangkok. Huge bridge, lots of temples, totally different people, and a totally different culture. Jess and I did not realize how resensitized we had become to bare flesh until we were walking around the streets here. Morocco and India are both very conservative compared to Bangkok, and it has been a long time since we have seen so much cleavage and incredibly short skirts and uncovered flesh. Wow...

In related news, today, for the first time since September, Jessica and I are wearing shorts. Yikes...

Traveling today, post again sometime soon.



Kathy Weeks said...

I totally love it that you have found each other!!! What a modern miracle that God, in His complete faithfulness, has welded together two with such sameness of values and desires. I am blessed to read your blogs, and am praying for your protection and guidance.

I finished my last internship Friday, Jess! I'll still be turning in my macro project to my supervisor. But, the school believes I'm done. We celebrated here by getting new puppy. My youngest children thought I was about to fly the coup and leave them to raise themselves. They needed to know Mom couldn't go anywhere for more than a couple of hours before coming back to let out the dog: Buckaroo Bear Lomax Harley Weeks. Too many people were involved in the naming process, that's all I can say. The biggest problem is that the list of nicknames is almost endless, with each person favoring one over the others. Hence, the little boy has NO idea what his name is, and is beginning to answer to anything spoken in falcetto. This is not good.

But God is.

I love y'all.

Indian Lake Papa and Mama said...

Keep us posted on your travels! It is fascinating to allow us to share your experiences.

In our prayers

Indian Lake Papa & Mama

Anonymous said...

a kidney. you have a kidney.

Anonymous said...

nematode egg found in a mango

Rebecca said...

Hey Jess and Jake
Was so good to meet and hang out together! Let's see when (and where :) our ways will cross for the next time...
We had a good trip back "home". Enjoy your time!!

Anonymous said...

A legless grub.
Or maybe an albino leach.
Either way, I wouldn't eat it. Unless it was deep fried and dripping with ketchup!

Happy dining!
Love you's