Sunday, May 20, 2007

Northern Thailand Travels
Mae Salong, a small village found in the northern providence of Chaing Rai. What you see here is what you get: mountains, a one road small town founded by the Chinese in the 60's after they were thrown out of Burma after fleeing China. A small town primarily founded on opium trade, it wasn't until the mid-80's that Thailand began to recognize it as it's own city and began to invest in it by providing alternative sources of income, bringing in tourism among many other hosts of things. I on the other hand, hope that things never change - it's breathtaking.

So, for part of our tri pwe rented a Honda Wave 100 to cruise along the hills of Northern Thailand (and cruising was exactly what we did with both laughter and tears - from both ourselves and the engine). With a much needed road-side stop (for our butts as well as our engine) I accidently ran through a bush of thorns with my feet and found no less than 50 thorms stuck in, through and between my toes... it hurt like a mother.

Our Honda Wave 100 after one of it's feats of climbing up and down muddy hills while towing aprox. 300 lbs. of weight on it's back.

Although it may look super-imposed, the green was just as green pictured here as it was in person...

One of our night drives together...

Our way "home" the next morning as the dew was rising, the clouds were begining their dance to the heavens and the roads were carrying us away.

And then there was the Sunday night market. With this just ebing one of many roads, alley's and side streets filled with entertainment, music, food, crafts, pictures and the list could go on and on - our night last night was one of walking, laughing, eatting and being amazed at how such a simple town can turn into a fancy night festival once every week.


Indian Lake Papa and Mama said...

Beautiful!We love your pictures and comments.

Indian Lake Papa & Mama

Malisa said...

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Anonymous said...

ok I just want to try to explain the raw(literally raw)inner bum i have right this second from riding on a motorbike up into the mountains for outreach with too many people and too much cargo causing me to basically be squatting with my bum on the seat and bumping up off and back onto the rope holding the cargo as we went over rocky terrain. please forgive me for being really intense about this explanation but its really painful and I cant stop talking about it.
love you,

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures...sorry about the thorns that sounds PAINFUL!

Love ya,