Saturday, May 05, 2007

Another picture-less post.

Sorry, I just don't trust the "virus-free" status of these public access computers enough to plug my camera into them.

No pictures but man do we have a lot of stories.

After spending about a week total with the Gnanamanickam family in Coonoor and the NWTWS, we headed back north through a nice little town called Mysore.

That, however, was just a stop on the way to one of India's largest cities, Bangalore. We were only in Bangalore long enough to change railway stations, hit a guy with our rickshaw and get a bite to eat before hopping on the 36 hour train ride to Calcutta.

Yeah, I am not sure if you read that right, but the rickshaw we were riding in actually hit a guy. His shoulder pushed in the frame on the left side of the carriage, his face hit right on the windshield, and he was sent sprawling. By the time I got out of the back seat, blood was pouring out of a split in his scalp that stretched from his eyebrow back and up about 3 inches on his head.

The man looked like he might have been drunk or homeless or both. We tried to help and ensure that he was ok, but after just a few minutes we were pushed back in a rickshaw and whisked away. This is where the conflict comes in. We feel that if he had been of a higher class or caste, more fuss would have been made about retaining the driver, calling the police, calling an ambulance, commandeering another rickshaw to take him to the hospital, etc... But we don't know this. It is just a feeling, and something we have discussed, and something born out of some experiences here.

All that aside, we have now been in Calcutta for about 3 days, and we are finding it much to our liking. The food, ambiance, the poverty, the sights and smells, and the general spirit of the city just feels good to us. It is nice to go somewhere strange and have it feel familiar.

Too many stories, and as you can tell from my writing tonight, I can not articulate well right now. Just know that we are doing well, and we are eagerly anticipating our change to Thailand in just a few days.

Jake and Jess

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Anonymous said...

I read the hit a guy part and thought it was odd to be mentioned just in passing. Of course I stopped right away to find out what a rickshaw was and then I wondered why you didn't say more... How sad that real help wasn't given to him. Looking forward to hearing more and seeing pictures... Love to you both! Robin