Friday, March 23, 2007

From me (Jessica) to each of you:

Thank you.

My Birthday was the most beautifully designed birthday, thanks to each of you...

Beginning my day by going around from bed to bed, waking up all the sleeping guys by tickling their feet and watching their stunned faces peek out of the blankets to catch the culprit.

A day full with most wonderfully filled songs of birthday wishes, random flowers picked from the garden given to put in my hair, a bag full of coconut and cashew cookies from my hub, FLOODING e-mails with greetings and love, prayers and laughter...

With our most handsome flower gardener, Anil, in the backdrop, this is just one of the many delightful flowers which found it's way behind my ear on the day we celebrated my birth... The guys know the weakness I have for flowers, for each morning I make someone choose (or honestly, sometimes I choose myself) from our fields of flowers one most pretty flower to wear that day - until it dies or the bugs start coming out of the leaves and biting the tips of my ears ruthlessly.

The two days preceding my birthday were a different story... with hail storms for only 20 mins. each afternoon, 1/4 inch balls of ice cooled off our 70+ degree afternoons and lended itself to a couple quick and dirty iceball fights.

This morning though when Jake and I awoke and made our way to the office we found that our chrysalis (which Suraj found a few days before) had hatched and become a most beautiful butterfly.

I have been in the very center of delight, not only just for my birthday - but each and every day. Thank you for making this year of my life possible and helping me grow, love, delight, and laugh throughout it all. I am honored to know and be a part of your lives. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

my friend, know that it is ALL mutual! ~mariko
p.s. it's kinda fun being the first commenter...yay! :)

Anonymous said...

The child with the butterfly appears to be a great gift.

jenny said...

i'm back from guatemala! happy birthday, my friend!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that your day was special and that you got lots of flowers and love!

Love ya bunches,


Anonymous said...

Happy Late Birthday Jessica! I love your blog (especially the name of it) and I think you and Jake are just totally an adorable couple! Pefectly matched for each other, in spirit and in cutesy"ness". I am truly so happy for your Jessica. I still think of you when I watch "A Walk to Remember" and listen to Jeremy Camp. **smile** Take care, stay safe, and keep following your heart filled with Jesus and God's Love. You are doing a great job and like Robin said, you are inspiring! (((Hugs & Love))) Linda (hopefully you still remember me)**smile**