Friday, November 20, 2009

Hi folks,

I wanted to let you know about two special events that Jake and I are attending this holiday season. We are placing this invite up here because you are a group of people that I like to see and/or catch up with and/or hang out with. We would love it if you joined us for one or both of these events. Both are hosted by our church but I want to tell you, in a very vehement fashion, that this is not at all an attempt to convert anyone. I'm inviting you because these types of things are more fun if my friends are there.

1. Wicker Park Grace Love Feast

Every year, our church community gathers and brings our friends to our annual Love Feast, which is our special Thanksgiving celebration. We bring potluck and many of us try to donate what we would have spent on a nice dinner out. This donation doesn't go to operating expenses; it always goes to folks in need. Also, it's totally optional and only a secondary or tertiary part of the evening. The primary reason we get together is to celebrate and give thanks for a year full of friends and blessings by eating yummy food. The Love Feast this year is this upcoming Sunday at 5:00. We'll start with a short (30 minutes?) vespers service and then dig in to the feasting and fun. I'd love it if you came. We'll be at 1741 N. Western and you can definitely contact me if you want more details about types of food to bring or other questions.

Embodying the Change: World AIDS Day Ubuntu Benefit Soiree

This fundraiser benefits work being done by friends of our community in South Africa to combat the effects of the AIDS pandemic. There will be art, performances, music, food, drink and kibbitzing. It will be on Saturday, December 5, starting at 7:00 at 1741 N. Western. Tickets are a donation are a sliding scale of what you can afford ($10-$25) and can be bought at the door or ahead of time through paypal. See the website for more information:

Thanks for considering both of these events. I know the holidays are always hectic but we wanted to reach out to you because I believe both of these events will have the space to actually spend time with one another and will be much fun. If neither of them work, please email us back so that we can figure out some other way to hang out.

*Thanks Rebecca for letting me steal some of your words!


PrincessMax said...


I love it!

Jake and Jess said...

okay - 9/10th of your words. way to put my dishonesty out there in the open!

i like to keep those things a secret. :)

Anonymous said...

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amy said...

I tried facebooking you but just in case it didn't work I want to let you two know that you are invited to a Grilled Cheese Extravaganza on Saturday(dec 19) from 1-5pm (come whenever and stay as long as you like) at mine and Bryson's place. let me know if you get this and I will give you more details!!