Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Family Times

-baked beans w/ BBQ-

-our new nephew, Malachi-

-a beautiful autumn afternoon with family-

-family (we missed you Mary!)-

-two of my favorite gals-

-for some reason i love this shot of jen & i-

-completely unrelated but very relevant, richard posted these pics of gracie & amelia + a walking house and a leashed bunny. both made me laugh uncontrollably and needed to be posted-


Jessica Young said...

those last two are great. How do you even get a rabbit to wear a leash?

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures, I loved the last two pict too. It was tricky to get the rabbit to weat the leash, but now she loves it!!!!


Rachel said...

Oh man! Looks like a beautiful time together.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Papa loves family!!