Sunday, November 02, 2008

please vote.

please, just get out there on Tuesday & vote.

vote green.
vote red.
vote blue.
vote clear.

just VOTE!

i did and hope you do as well. please share your story afterward - i will soon, as it was one of the most emotional experiences of my adult life.

please vote


Robin said...

I voted early about 2 weeks ago... I'm so glad I did because I feel horrible now and doubt I could wait in line 10 minutes let alone over two hours with two kids. I have lost my voice (upper respiratory stuff). Woke up this morning to no voice - didn't know until I answered the phone...

Hopefully we can talk soon... Sorry I missed your call yesterday...

Indian Lake Papa said...

mama and i voted early - yep, all done. now we pray a little extra harder.

Robin said...

Now that we've voted we need to pray for our President Elect and our country. See link at my Actions Speak Loudest blog post for 11-5-08.