Thursday, November 06, 2008

"...That is what humanity can achieve, when we all believe in something together." - a great personal reflection on the evening of history, in so many ways.

"i was watching from two blocks away, and when we were leaving, it was this atmosphere of brotherhood and love of everyone equal, everyone lifting each other up, not one negative i saw at the rally, it feels too damn good to say I AM AN AMERICAN! THESE ARE MY PEOPLE." - comment reflecting on the evening

"I truly believe that as our next President, Barack Obama will lead my generation and my children's back onto the path of creating A More Perfect Union. It won't be easy, but I will be cheering (and continuing to volunteer) all the way." - a bit of a personal testimony regarding one woman's support for a Barack Presidency

"This is a very important moment for a black woman (at age 64) from this city to witness," she said. "He is a brilliant, very genuine person. He is a jewel." - Chicago Tribune

"I couldn’t breathe, yet I was crying. I have never had or seen such a reaction in my life. We did it. Not only did America elect the first black president, but we elected the best choice by a landslide. America tonight has lived up to its promises,” said “The Daily Show” host John Stewart. And he is exactly right. We did.

a note from Cornel West

"If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our Founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer." - President Elect Barack Obama

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Anonymous said...

I miss you, your insight, your faith. Very much...

ama-gi said...

But I tell you: Beware the man on the white horse"

"I often say I don't have any heroes. I don't need any. And neither should you. If somebody can pose themselves as a hero and sell you a sense of salvation (half-baked though it be), then they own your mind and they own you, for you are in debt to them, and you are beholden to them. More than any aspect of the political, economic, or social system, it is this kind of psychological domination that the lover of liberty recognizes and opposes with every fiber of his being. The man on the white horse brings no real “change”; he serves to distract your passions and lure you back into the fold so that you don’t demand real, radical change."

Jake and Jess said...

ama-gi: I couldn't agree more and thank you for linking to such a well put together article.

Just to clear up a couple things to which i believe you insinuated to: I do not believe that i am receiving salvation through President-Elect Obama. I do not cast him as a hero nor one that I am in debt to (unlike the number of military and civil rights heroes I do believe that I am in debt to). In addition, Obama does not distract my passions nor my sense of freedom.

I try my best to love God and love people on a daily basis and believe that my personal life is significantly enhanced and given breath because of the love of Jesus Christ. I do not believe that our specific nation, the United States of America, is under God anymore than any other country, culture, people group or covenant. What I do believe in, and continue to hope for, is that we - as the United States of America, can begin to demonstrate that attention to, and care for other countries, cultures, people groups and covenants.

This is why I support Obama as our Head of State. I believe that he just may begin to demonstrate these values I support and I will do what I can to support him in movement toward that direction. A direction of love, care, attention, justice, and humility. This is my passion.

P.S. I didn't even vote for Obama.