Tuesday, May 06, 2008

quick up-date

the girls biological father was killed yesterday afternoon.
another close neighbor was diagnosed with cancer of the voice box.

there have been lots of sirens have been heard lately. it's summer.

two weeks ago i watched a boy get his arm dismantled by a bus while his friends ran away. shootings present to be a daily occurances while my clients are attending funerals at a record high. both from natural causes (asthma attacks, heart disease, diabetes and cancer as well as a number of various other biological reasons) and environmental causes.

the sirens continue. two weekends ago there were over approximately 30 shooting & close to ten deaths in the city of chicago. one weekend.

the sirens continue. jake was speaking with a friend about the rise in crime & violence. with knowledge and opinion jake wshared his belief that it presents to be that this increase in violence as happening just when the summer is beginning. his friend replied, "i don't know if i buy that. i think it's just that people who are poor are just frustrated."

my client's are dropping out at a rate like i have not experienced thus far. none killed that i know of but two are in jail, two most likely out using, two i put into residential treatment and one has moved out to an outer-city location with a housing program that assists women & children in housing and collateral support. another one of my client's just found out she is positive for Hep C too.

this is only the beginning.

another police car just made their way west on armitage. from a block away their sirens are so loud.


cory said...

Jess. i'm sorry. not for you, so much. just sorry at the way things are.

there's been a huge upswing in shootings here too. i think it is the summer.

Robin said...

Life can be painful...

You have the Power you need in spite of it all...

Praying for you my friend!

Rachel said...


my heart is there with you, and i know your hearts are everywhere.

mindy said...

I agree that it is summmer. Too many of my parents these days seem to be in this summer down swing and are forgetting that their children are what's on the line. It's a sad day when you actually hear a mother encourage a father (Who both by the way are only months away from loosing 4 chidren FOREVER.) that "You gotta have some fun..." in relation to the goings on of "Hanging out on the lake." I'm sure...quite sure (and I know I'm assuming...but the positive tests after such weekends make this assuming more tangible and also highly likely in reality.) Summer is here.

On an upswing. One of my little cuties has moved into a home with her siblings now that it's summer and she could not be more happy. She's even talking about adoption in a good light...which is great since it is more than likely in the near future.

Love you.