Saturday, May 03, 2008

lovely morning.

although varying on the chilly side as the wind picks up speed & another storm front moves in, this morning we brewed some fancy coffee (thanks to Mary & Allison) and found ourselves on the front porch enjoying the blooming flowers, waiting for a friend to come over to borrow Jake's motorcycle helmet & talk with Loni as she heads off to work at McDonalds. which reminds me of the amazing cactus, onion hash browns that we had this morning for breakfast... yum.

they both look thrilled, don't they?

so i've found myself breaching into the "blog realm" of sharing, experiencing, learning and enjoying. often times finding myself entangled within a web of lovely & creative women. every once in awhile someone will hold a drawing, comments are left to be placed in the drawing which is often times conducted by the children within the home. the one chosen from the drawing will in turn receive a gift.

i have never entered into any of these drawing. until now. i've been keeping up with carolyn for some time, her jewelry is stunning & her stories so enjoyable. a couple weeks back she posted a drawing & i couldn't help myself but enter. & we won! who knew! we never win anything... this thursday we received a most delightful & surprising gift.

cuff-links for jake (aren't they handsome!)

i've worn both sets of earring in various different settings & they have drawn more attention than any other piece of jewelry i have worn. as nanette shared last night (a night that both jake & i are so grateful for), "those just look like you." i agree.

fits perfectly. shines like the sun & is simply magnificent.

over the past four weeks we have been getting our weekly groceries through growing power. in an effort to live more simply, more economically & with more intentionally holistically, we have decided to support growing power through their non-committal CSA market basket program. we've received vegetables & fruits we would have never ventured to buy ourselves. the ability to explore more avenues other than the cheap & easy has helped us increase the quality of our lives but also continued to affirm our decision to support others through our daily decisions. this is just one shot of a little watermelon we received last week. this week our surprise: huge mushrooms with heads the size of my entire hand.

with those treats in mind: we're going to hold our own little drawing. leave a message & we'll throw all comments in a basket & announce the winners wednesday evening. does anyone read this thing anymore?


PrincessMax said...

Pick me! Pick me!

Anonymous said...

i think Jessica Marie Rozga has the most beautiful ears in the world.


Robin said...

Cool guys - I wish we had something like that near here. The watermelon looks delicious.

cory said...

I really like you two, and can't wait to see you!

i saw a mango the other day, and it was just really desirous of being in my mouth. but it wasn't my mango, so it didn't get there, sadly.

Rachel said...

yes, we definitely read this thing