Tuesday, March 18, 2008

practicing resurrection.

this topic could be covered in so many ways on so many levels, today though i encourage you to take a moment and work your way through this virtual prayer pilgrimage represented in the stations of the cross.

artists: Nanette Sawyer, Nick Croston, Jhonathan F. Gómez, Tim Vermeulen

all of the art work presented was created by artists and non-artists alike from the Wicker Park Grace community during Lent 2007. these beautiful stations of reflection were created in order to reinterpret the stations of the cross in contemporary terms both "meaningful and evocative," as stated on their community web-site.

enjoy. reflect. have peace and enjoy the beauty of the resurrected one as well as the resurrection occurring in the spring thaw.

do you see our new bud?

- jess & jake


cory said...

mmm. good.

Robin said...


Indian Lake Papa said...

When I think of Easter morning I have this image of two young college girls standing in the street, in their Jammies, writing with street chalk; "He has Risen!" - Memories!

Robin said...

Happy Birthday Jessica,

I've called you about seven times today, but no answer... Happy Birthday my dear friend!

I made your strawberry cake today :) Hope you enjoyed it ;)

mindy said...

By new bud do you mean in the brownie cookies or the green goodness next to them?